Market Rights

Please contact your Fruit Procurement & Grower Services Representative before taking any action to buy, sell or lease your market rights.  There are several key pieces of information that must be considered to protect both the buyer and the seller.

Understanding Market Rights and Mutual Obligation:  A mutual obligation exists contractually between grower-owners and the cooperative.  Tree Top must take the amount of apple/pear tons each crop year equal to the amount of market rights each grower owns.  In return, a grower-owner is obligated to deliver fruit in tons equal to that amount.  For example, if a grower-owner owns 100 market rights as of July 31st, they should have processor apples/pears sufficient to deliver 100 tons of fruit to the cooperative in the upcoming crop year and Tree Top must accept the fruit provided it meets the acceptable fruit requirements.

For this reason, it’s important our growers and their warehouses ensure the tons are allocated at the beginning of each crop year and are accounted for in delivery records and documents to ensure the grower receives full credit for the obligation and is paid accordingly.

Members may buy, sell or lease market rights to other grower-owners to ensure they have the appropriate amount to cover their fruit deliveries during the crop year.  The amount of market rights owned/leased and on record as of July 31st of the same crop year will be the amount contractually obligated.

RETIRING?  Please see “Retirement” page for details.

Please contact the Field Office in your region for assistance and information.

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