Member Benefits

Tree Top, Inc., is an agricultural cooperative owned by more than 1,000 apple and pear growers. There are substantial benefits to the Cooperative membership for growers, including the ability to pool resources for greater efficiency and economies of scale.

The Tree Top Cooperative was founded by growers so the company could develop, produce, market, and sell fruit products made from its growers' fruit. Tree Top takes the fruit not "pretty enough" to sell in the fresh markets that may otherwise end up in landfills, and turns that fruit into delicious fruit-based products. Those fruit-based products are marketed and sold to retail, to the foodservice industry, and to most of the world's leading food manufacturers. Our fruit-based products are likely found in every U.S. household in some form or another - from breakfast cereals to dairy snacks.

Tree Top is one of the few apple processors remaining in Washington State and is the single largest user of all Washington apples!  The Cooperative continually strives to create new products and develop additional markets for fruit that would otherwise have little value. Tree Top is no longer just an apple juice and apple sauce producer. Thanks to strategic acquisitions, Tree Top now produces the widest array of fruit-based products from a single company, and its gained a global reputation for its fruit expertise. The wide array of fruit-based offerings now produced by the Cooperative has helped the company diversify and strengthen its financial base. The strong financial base allows for reinvestment in new technologies and processes to better serve our customers and our growers.

We want our grower's fruit and our delicious fruit-based products made from the fruits of our growers' labor to be everyone's first choice! 

A dedicated staff is here to assist growers and their warehouses throughout the year. We’re here to help with scheduling and receiving fruit, as well as managing a grower’s market rights and allocations. Our Fruit Procurement & Grower Services (FP&GS) representatives are just a call or email away.