Board of Directors

Jim Divis, Chairman (Position 2 Northern District): Jim is General Manager of Honeybear Growers – an upstart warehouse in Brewster focusing on premium Honeycrisp. Having grown up on a small family farm, Jim pursued his interest and love of the industry and graduated in 1985 with a BS degree in Horticulture from Washington State University. He immediately began working as a field man for MAGI Inc., where he quickly moved into warehouse operations before achieving the position of General Manager. He was heavily involved in the formation of Chelan Fruit and Chelan Fresh Marketing prior to his move to Honeybear Growers. Jim is also a board member at Northwest Wholesale Inc.  Jim and his wife Dana are active growers with 175 acres of apples and pears in the Brewster, Washington area. 

Travis Allan (Position 2 Southern District):  Owner and Orchard Management, Allan Brothers Fruit, Inc., is a fourth generation grower-owner of Washington apples, pears, cherries and peaches.  The core of the company’s operations are on its main campus located in Naches, WA, and includes two apple packing lines, two cherry packing lines, shipping and receiving docks, regular and controlled atmosphere storage warehouses, as well as the orchard management and corporate offices. 

Bruce Allen (Position 1 Southern District):  Bruce is President of Columbia Reach Pack in Yakima, Washington. He also owns, or is in partnerships, farming 2,500 acres of apples and cherries. He has served on the Tree Top Board since 1994. Bruce earned a BA degree in Economics from Whitman College and attended the State University of New York at Albany. He is a past Chairman of both the Washington Horticultural Association and the Washington State Apple Commission, and has served on the Tree Fruit Research Commission. Bruce is a member and past President of the Yakima Pom Club and a graduate of the Washington Agriculture and Forestry Education Leadership Program. 

Tom Auvil (Position 1 Northern District):  Tom is a horticulturist with North American Plants and is active in the management of the family’s orchard. He previously worked for Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission. He worked in the Field Services department for the Trout/Blue Chelan Cooperative for 21 years, as supervisor for 15 years. He has served on the Tree Top Board since 1988 and served four years as Chairman. Tom received a BS degree in Horticulture from Washington State University. He is a member of the North Central Washington Fieldmen’s Association, the Washington State Tree Fruit Association and the International Fruit Tree Association, and he served on the Orondo School Board for 16 years, 1986-2002.

John Gebbers, Secretary-Treasurer (Position 4 At Large) Johnny is Operations Manager for the Gebbers Farms Warehouse Facility.  Gebbers Farms is a family owned, vertically integrated farming, packing and selling operation for apples, pears and cherries.  Johnny attended Gonzaga and Whitworth University graduating in 2001 from Gonzaga with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.  While at both Gonzaga and Whitworth he enjoyed playing basketball and baseball.  He returned to Brewster in 2001 and began working in the family’s warehouse.  He assumed his current role of operations manager in 2004.  Johnny serves on the Board at Northwest Wholesale and is a committee member for the Washington Tree Fruit Research Center’s Apple Advisory Committee.  He is also a grower, farming 200 acres of apples, cherries and pears with his three brothers in Brewster, WA.

Alan Groff, Vice Chairman (Position 3 Northern District) is the owner of Foreman Fruit Company raising apples, pears and cherries in the Wenatchee area. Alan studied electrical and computer engineering at Ohio State and Devry Institute of Technology and has a PhD in Health Science and Technology from Harvard-MIT.  After graduate school and prior to relocating west to join the tree fruit industry, Alan worked for McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, where he advised large corporations on their business practices.  Alan grew up on a dairy farm in Lancaster, PA, and returned to farming to apply his business and science background in an industry he believes has tremendous opportunity. Alan is a member in the Northwest Pear Research Board and a member of WSU’s Endowment Advisory Committee.

Ed Kershaw (Position 4 Southern District):  Ed is a fourth generation grower, shipper, and marketer from Yakima, Washington. He is Co-founder of the Kershaw Companies that incorporate vertically integrated growing, packing, and marketing. Kershaw serves as CEO of Domex Superfresh Growers, the marketing arm of Kershaw Companies. Domex Superfresh Growers represents Northwest growers and shippers to the global marketplace. Kershaw is past Chairman of the Northwest Horticultural Council and the Washington Apple Commission. Ed is a former trustee of the US Apple Association and a former board member of the Produce Marketing Association. For his industry service, Ed has been recognized by The Packer publication with two honors; the 1999 “Apple Person of the Year” award and he was named one of the "Top 25 Produce People" in 2008.  Kershaw has served on the Board of Directors for the Yakima Chamber of Commerce, Providence Hospital, and Pioneer National Bank. A native of Yakima, Kershaw received his BA in Economics in 1961 from the University of Washington in Seattle, followed by a tour of duty in the US Army.

Byron McDougall (Position 4 Northern District):  Bryon is Vice President of McDougall and Sons Inc., a vertically integrated growing and packer of apples, pears, and cherries in Wenatchee, WA.  Since returning to the family business in 2003, Byron has worked in various areas of the company’s warehouse operations ranging from production manager, plant manager, and Director of Operations overseeing all warehouse operations. He currently oversees all warehouse operations for McDougall and Sons’ three packing facilities related to receiving, storage, and packing apples, pears, and cherries as well as working directly with CMI, the sales and marketing arm, to meet company sales targets.  Bryon is a 2003 graduate of Tulane University with a degree in Business Administration.

Warren Morgan (Position 3 At Large): Warren is an orchardist with ownership interest in more than 400 acres of apples, cherries, and apricots in the North Columbia Basin of Washington State. In addition, he is the President of Double Diamond Fruit and has been a stockholder in the apple packing operation since its founding in 1986. Warren’s family has a long history with Tree Top; his grandfather Victor Morgan was on the original Board of Directors, and the family has been active members for more than 40 years. Warren grew up in Quincy, Washington, earned a degree in Horticulture from WSU in 1981, and returned to Quincy, where he lives with his wife and two children. He is a past member of the Board of Directors of the Washington Growers Clearinghouse, as well as a Past President of the Washington State Horticultural Association.   

Michael Smith (Position 3 Southern District): Mike farms over 1,400 acres operated by three farming entities, including several apple varieties, cherries, hops, and alfalfa. He is one of the founding members of Olympic Fruit, along with three other fruit growing families. Mike also participated in the organization of Sage Fruit Company, providing apple marketing and sales services for Olympic Fruit, Valley Fruit; and Larson Fruit.  He currently serves as a member of Sage’s Executive Committee. Mike is also a founding member of Yakima Chief, Inc.; is a past member of the East Valley School District Board of Directors and serves on the Board of Directors and Audit Committee of Banner Bank. Mike attended Washington State University, where he studied Agricultural Economics.

Doug Stockwell (Position 2 At Large):  Doug is a partner and the General Manager of the Highland Partnership, a 1,000+ acre fruit growing operation located near Bridgeport, Washington. He also owns and manages Orondo Orchards, which includes 100 acres of apple and cherry orchards near Orondo. He has been a Tree Top Director since 1994 and served as Tree Top’s Chairman of the Board from 2000-2002.  Doug holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Washington State University.  


Finance/Audit                                                                       Staff Liaison/Advisor
Johnny Gebbers, Chair                                                          Dwaine Brown
Travis Allan                                                                            Rick Anderson
Tom Auvil
Alan Groff
Warren Morgan
Doug Stockwell
Bryon McDougall
Compensation Committee                                                  Staff Liaison/Advisor
Mike Smith, Chair                                                                   Tom Hurson
Bruce Allen                                                                             Scott Washburn
Johnny Gebbers                                                                     Larry Martin
Ed Kershaw
Doug Stockwell
Grower Policy & Relations                                                  Staff Liaison.Advisor
Tom Auvil, Chair                                                                     Cris Hales
Travis Allan                                                                             Larry Martin
Johnny Gebbers
Alan Groff
Ed Kershaw
Executive                                                                              Staff Liaison/Advisor
Jim Divis, Chairman                                                               Tom Hurson
Alan Groff, Vice-Chairman                                                     Larry Martin
Johnny Gebbers, Secretary-Treasurer
Ed Kershaw, Past Chairman
Tom Auvil, Past Chairman